Double Helix

The special and very specific type of curved staircase is the double helix style. Our double helix staircase can be one of the building blocks of a beautiful home or office complex. Often referred to as a spiral stair without a center column - the dramatic look, grace, and beauty of this curved staircase is unparalleled.

Benefits of double helix staircases include:

  • Handrails on both sides
  • Greater tread widths ( normally 36" wide)
  • "Roomier" stair

The double helix staircase offers a larger radius than one gets when walking up around the center column on a standard spiral staircase. 

Double helix stairs demand a strong stringer to carry the load. The staff of Innovative Metacraft can fabricate from either metal (steel, aluminum, or stainless). Additionally, specific drawings, design, and engineering is usually required to ensure that our custom built double helix staircase will perform properly and accommodate any load.

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