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Spiral Stair
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The Spiral Stair Experts, delivering excellence across America since 1974.

For the past 40 years, Spiral Stairs of America/Innovative Metal Craft has designed, built, and delivered the finest spiral stairs, straight stairs and monumental curved stairs in America. 

Remodeling and Home Design
When you are ready to start your rolling ladder or spiral stair project, Houzz is a great way to get inspired, discover products and see other stairs & library ladders we have built across the USA.

Spiral Stairs and Curved Stairs from Spiral Stairts of America

checkerplate treads upgrade special for only $200

spiral stairs by the truckload leaving our factory!

All of our steel, aluminum, and stainless spiral stairs are ALL-WELDED,
ONE PIECE UNITS. Safe, sturdy, quiet & VERY easy to install.

We DO NOT sell metal kits. Think about that word "kit"...
we sell one-piece spiral stairs, not kits.
Why have 2 people spend 8 hours+ assembling parts & pieces when you can install our spiral stair in about 15 minutes?
One major supplier HONESTLY spells out that it's a 2 person job that takes TWO FULL DAYS to assemble & install!
Watch some installation videos and you'll see some with 4 people holding the kit pieces together during assembly!
If you are paying a contractor, those 32 labor hours could easily cost several thousand dollars. OUCH.

Plus, with a competitor's 108" tall, 60" diameter spiral stair kit, you can have 100+ UNSIGHTLY fasteners, screws,
nuts, & bolts attaching balusters to the treads, the balusters to the handrail - which is OFTEN made of PLASTIC TUBING,
 and even holding the treads which are attached to the center column with set screws unless you upgrade to custom collars.
Why trust a set screw to support both your treads & your loved ones?
If you need a safe, low-maintenance, STURDY spiral staircase, then you NEED our welded spiral stairs.

Spend your free time ENJOYING your spiral stairs, NOT doing annual maintenance tightening nuts & bolts!

Curved Staircase at Horry County Museum on the TV show "Tanked"
Spiral Stairs of America/Innovative Metal Craft built this
BEAUTIFUL curved staircase at The Horry County Museum in South Carolina
and it was featured on the hit Animal Planet TV show "Tanked"!

Click here for our online tread/riser calculator.
Enter in 2 numbers and get detailed information about YOUR spiral stair.
How many treads, how many risers, rotation, platform location, tread length and more.
EVERYTHING you need to plan and order your new spiral staircase.


Looking for a FAST, FREE quote for your residential, commercial or industrial spiral staircase project?
Call us today and speak to one of our sales professionals, each with 10+ years experience in spiral stairs.

Spiral Court King Basketball Hoop System
Spiral Court King basketball Hoop Systems. YET still incredibly PLAYABLE for users!
Never buy another hoop for your park, school or church again!

Proud member of NOMMA - National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association
Proud member of NOMMA 
The National Ornamental and
Miscellaneous Metals Association
Visit our Booth at NOMMA 2015
The National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) will be held in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania at the
Valley Forge Casino and Resort from March 11 to 14, 2015.

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Spiral Stairs of America and Innovative Metal Craft.
He is not authorized to represent or conduct any business related to these entities.

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